• Palmastry La Mano Incense Holder - Seamist Blue

Palmastry La Mano Incense Holder - Seamist Blue
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Blanco Estudio is a young Mexican artisan that is dedicated to the creation of ceramic wares for the home. She finds inspiration everywhere; nature, furniture, art, old buildings. This inspires her to create these amazing works of ceramic art. 

Blanco Estudio pieces are made of the highest quality, hand finished and coloured in the most amazing glazes. Due to the handmade nature of the product, her pieces are unique in themselves. No two pieces are the same, we think this is incredibly special. 

The Palmastry La Mano Incense holder is the perfect piece to hold your incense. While this is an incense holder, it's designed to be multi purpose. This can be used as a dish to hold your jewellery, crystals, keys, anything really. Or, let its beauty speak for itself and place it on your dresser or table as a centre piece. 

Colour: Seamist Blue
Measurements: Height 20cm Width 10cm
Made in: Guadalajara, Western Central Mexico City
Details: Due to the unique glaze, no two pieces are the same. 

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