• Mayan White Copal Incense

Mayan White Copal Incense
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Mayan Copal is one of the most iconic products from Mesoamerican culture that is still used today. "Copal" or "Pom", its Mayan name, has been burned over thousands of years in ceremonies including cleanses, smudging, Day of the Dead, healing rituals, etc.

Mayan Copal incense sticks are handmade/ hand rolled in Chiapas, Southern Mexico using only the best reed, charcoal, and natural copal resin known as "Protium Copal". We source copal incense and the natural copal resin directly from Mayan Families in Southern Mexico. 

White Copal incense is used in cleansing rituals, as the smoke is believed to help liberate "MALAS VIBRAS" with its very uplifting, clear, woodsy smell. 


Smell: Clear, clean, woodsy smell

Measurements: Each stick is roughly 23cm in length

Duration: Each stick lasts around 1 Hour

Pack inclusion: 10 sticks

Made in: Chiapas, Mexico

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