• 7 Day Candle - Attraction

7 Day Candle - Attraction
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7 Day Candle - Attraction
Burn the 7 day "Attraction" Candle to create passion between you and your mate.  Light a 7 day Attraction Candle before your lover comes over and watch as the spark between you increases.  Anoint Candle with a few drops of Attraction Oil to increase the power.  7 Day Attraction candle can also be used to clean your aura, making way for the natural magnetism of such things as money, success and happiness.
  • Candle measurements: 2 1/2" wide 8 1/8" tall
  • Burn life approx: 120 hours
  • Colour: Red
  • 100% Parafin wax
  • Non Scented

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