• Veil Short Sleeve Shirt

Veil Short Sleeve Shirt
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Introducing our latest button up shirt "Veil" shirt. Custom black and white bandana printed fabric, 100% rayon cotton fabric for light wearing, with clear buttons and one pocket on wearer's left chest. 

Care Instructions: 

A rayon cotton does have a tendency to shrink. For that reason, only wash on cold as warm or hot water will naturally shrink the fabric. Dark colours will fade when dried in the sun so please avoid drying your shirt in the sun if you want to keep your colours fresh.

For best drying results, we recommend air drying. It's the best way to dry rayon material. Drape it on a flat surface such as an ironing board while it dries to avoid shrinking. If you feel as though your shirt may have shrunk, steam or iron the garment as this will help bring it back to it's natural shape. 

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